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Core Values

Virtual-Webhosts.com is a small, web hosting company that values treating every customer professionally and with respect. We value our clients and give personal service to each and every customer. No bots here. If we outsource anything, it is outsourced to competent people inside the U.S. We never outsource outside the U.S. No overseas call centers or technical support. We have many colleagues who have helped us over the years, and we intend to continue supporting other small businesses whenever possible.

The VWH Story

Virtual-Webhosts.com was started as a hobby in 2001 by a family of gamers. Owner Nathan is a fan of military-styled games; including first-person shooter games starting with Soldier of Fortune and moving to the Call of Duty series and flight simulators. His wife, Tracey, is also a gamer. She first got hooked on the Sid Meiers classic, Civilization, in the mid-90s which we still play to this day, and the old Janes military simulations like AH-64D Longbow. She is also a fan of Will Wrights hugely successful Sims series. Both of us enjoy the MMORPG browser-based games. As hardcore gamers, we eventually created forums for our respective games, and needed to host those forums, so quite by chance, Virtual-Webhosts was formed. Over time, other gamers asked us to web host their game forums, and so it started. By 2007, our hobby required us to behave more like a business for taxation purposes, and so we formally registered as a business, and have been growing ever since. Today, we not only web host game forums, but we also serve as web hosts to regular business clients in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and California. We expanded our services from just web hosting to include web design, and are now even entering the world of domaining. We expect to become a domain registrar in the coming months, and there are plans to enable our clients to auction domain names through our site.